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Reisa Pollard is the founder and lead designer at Beyond Beige – a leading Vancouver based interior design firm.

As a proclaimed late bloomer, she ventured to many parts of the world before discovering her calling as a designer. After getting married at 40, Reisa decided she wanted to have a family and embarked on a six-year odyssey to make it happen. She discovered along the way that there is no longer one approach to having a family and that choosing to have children later in life is becoming the new normal.

She has appeared on TV, spoken to live audiences, and has written countless articles for magazines. Reisa revels in the recreation of the spaces around her and the construction of immaculate solutions to any challenge that comes her way. Reisa Pollard is a local interior designer and entrepreneur. The elements she uses are often aesthetically inspired by her travel experiences. Reisa founded her interior design company Beyond Beige in 2003. She has been nominated for a number of design and business awards, including YMCA’s Woman of the Year. Reisa revels in the recreation of the spaces around her and the construction of immaculate solutions to any problem she’s faced with. This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community.


What factors can impact fertility and how can individuals make informed decisions about their reproductive health?

The Surprising Truth About Making Babies Late

When it comes to starting a family, societal expectations and biological realities are often at odds. Many individuals, particularly women, are pressured to settle down and have children at a relatively young age, despite the fact that their bodies may not be fully prepared for pregnancy and childbirth. However, a recent TEDx talk by fertility expert Reisa Pollard challenges these assumptions and sheds light on the surprising truth about making babies late.

Pollard begins her talk by pointing out that women often hear the ticking of their biological clock, as though their fertility is a limited resource that will inevitably run out. However, she notes that there is actually a great deal of variability in women’s reproductive health and that many individuals can conceive and carry a healthy pregnancy into their late thirties and early forties. Pollard argues that this idea of the “biological clock” is actually more of a myth than a fact.

So why is it that women are often encouraged to start families earlier in life? Pollard suggests that our cultural attitudes towards motherhood play a significant role. Society often associates motherhood with youth and vitality, and many individuals believe that a woman’s value is tied to her ability to bear children. As a result, women who delay motherhood may be judged or stigmatized, even if their decision is based on personal or professional considerations.

Despite these societal pressures, Pollard urges individuals to consider their own unique circumstances when deciding when to start a family. She notes that there are many factors that can impact fertility, ranging from genetics to lifestyle choices. Additionally, she suggests that advances in reproductive technology can offer individuals more options when it comes to starting a family, including egg freezing and IVF.

Ultimately, Pollard’s talk challenges us to rethink our assumptions about fertility and motherhood. By acknowledging the complex interplay between biology and society, we can make more informed decisions about our reproductive health and empower individuals to pursue their family goals on their own terms.

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